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Current Fellows (2013/14)

Mascha Kosky-Sachs

Mascha Kosky-Sachs graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA in Philosophy. Following her degree she worked in the UK for two major institutions in the field of Jewish education. Since her Aliyah in December 2008, Mascha has graduated magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University with an MA in Public Policy, where she developed a particular interest in local democratic renewal and community governance. Mascha has been working as a Culture Writer for the Jerusalem Foundation, where she has gained insight both into Israel's NGO world and the role of culture in urban renewal. She also continues to be involved in a variety of voluntary projects, her latest being Limmud Jerusalem, where she was head of the P.R. and marketing team.

For her Fellowship year (suspended since 2012 due to maternity leave), Mascha is working with UN Watch, where she is tasked primarily with research and writing of draft UN Watch reports, articles, blog posts, letters and newsletters. Her responsibilities also include some management of the UNW website and social media, as well as keeping track of relevant issues by reading latest news and UN reports, and attending relevant meetings and lectures.

In September 2012, Mascha was invited to begin her Fellowship year with UN Watch with a trip to Geneva, the seat of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the base for UN Watch's operations. There she gained a fascinating insight into the mechanisms employed by the Council in general and its member states in particular. Despite a fairly inconspicuous agenda, Israel still managed to surface in discussions, attacked by countries such as Egypt and Syria for its treatment of children in the occupied territories.

While there, Mascha was privileged to deliver a speech to the Human Rights Council on behalf of UN Watch, in response to the High Commissioner's Report. The speech sought to readdress the balance of the Council, who is quick to judge Israel's actions whilst patently ignores the extreme human rights violations of other member states. In particular she highlighted Mauritania's enslavement of 800,000 black Africans, and Pakistan's persecution of minorities. In addition to being an incredible experience on a personal level, it also highlighted for her, the importance of the work done by UN Watch.

Mascha will be in Geneva this year for UN Watch's human rights conference, the Geneva Summit. She is serving as the point person for donor relations at the conference.

Lorin Maugery

Lorin Maugery is a dual French-US (New York) qualified lawyer and has practiced in some of the leading law firms in Paris and in Tel Aviv. Lorin holds an LL.M in Comparative Law from the University of Aix-Marseille III in France, and an LL.M in International Business and Trade Law from Fordham University School of Law, New York. Upon moving to Israel, Lorin joined the IDF for one year where he served in the military prosecution in a military court in Haifa.

Lorin is also a regular author at, a web magazine in French on Israeli innovation and high-tech. For his Fellowship year, Lorin is placed at NGO Monitor.

During Lorin’s Fellowship, he has written the following op-eds in the Huffington Post, Jerusalem Post, and Mnenia Zahav (Russian). In addition, Lorin has also been interviewed on French TV (not yet been broadcast).

Sybil Ottenstein

Born in Washington D.C., Sybil Ottenstein moved to Israel at age 18. In 2010, Sybil graduated from the IDC Herzliya with a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. While in her final year at the IDC, Sybil participated in the one year Argov Fellowship in Leadership and Diplomacy. Sybil has worked at various NGO’s and research institutions, including the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies and The American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.

Sybil recently received a Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Tufts Fletcher School with a focus on the Middle East and Political Psychology. While at the Fletcher School, Sybil held a summer internship position at the Reut Institute and was a Senior Editor for the Harvard Kennedy School Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy.

For her Fellowship Year, Sybil is working at The Reut Institute.

Her publications during her Fellowship thus far include: An article, co-authored with Yonatan Weinberg on October 17, 2013 on “Why Israel’s Municipal Elections Matter” in the print edition of the Canadian Jewish News, and

Rachel Solomon

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. As a reporter and video producer, Rachel’s work has been featured on, The Wall Street Journal Online, Dow Jones Newswires, and Her web video work with Smartmoney TV and Reuters Insider received Webby Awards-honoree recognition and an Adobe Max Award, respectively.

After a year abroad in London working for Thomson Reuters and earning her Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business Practice from St. Mary’s University College, Rachel was inspired to become a Jewish communal professional. Most recently, she served two years as a Program Officer with Combined Jewish Philanthropies, where she created, managed, and marketed programs, events, and resources for Jewish young adult engagement.

For her Fellowship year, Rachel is working with UN Watch.

In September 2013, Rachel gave testimony at the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of UN Watch.

Rachel will be in Geneva for the next UN Human Rights Council session from Feb. 23 - March 31. During that time, she will observe and participate in the Council debates, attend different delegations' events, and serve as the main media contact for UN Watch's human rights conference, the Geneva Summit.

Rivka Hecht

Born in the United States, and raised in Australia, Rivka has worked and studied in areas of Law, Medicine (conventional and alternative) and Education, in Australia, the USA and Israel. Her credentials include a JD from the University of Melbourne, a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Education, certifications in Laboratory Regulations and certifications in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Rivka recently worked as a Lawyer in Commercial Law and Commercial Litigation at Arnold Bloch Leibler (ABL) in Melbourne, Australia. Rivka has previously worked as a criminal defence advocate where she regularly appeared in Court on some of the high profile prosecutions in Victoria, Australia.

As a Herbalist, Rivka established her Ginseng Clinic, specialising in Women's issues, based on the treatment and therapeutic principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She also worked as a Nurse and Director of Laboratory Regulations, as well as Chief Pharmaceutical Liaison, in Pediatrics, Vascular Surgery and Cardiology. Over the years, Rivka has taught and led programs for both school aged kids and adults. She regularly researches, writes and lectures on areas of philosophy, women's issues, health, and other contemporary areas of interest. Rivka believes in inspired leadership and entrepreneurial vision to create positive change in meaningful and lasting ways.

Since her Aliyah, for her Fellowship year, Rivka is working at NGO Monitor.

During her Fellowship, Rivka has written the following op-ed articles which have been published in the Australian Jewish News and the Jerusalem Post.

Rivka has also analyzed HRW’s 2014 World Report.

Elana Herzog

Born in Montreal, Canada, Elana Herzog holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree (expected graduation May 2014) in Political Science from McGill University. Elana has completed significant original research and analysis both at work and as a graduate student and has presented her findings in an 85 page Master’s thesis discussing social media and civil society’s impact on anti-regime protest. Elana interned for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, a non-profit, independent think-tank that focuses on Israel-related issues in the context of Middle Eastern foreign policy and international relations where she published numerous articles and reports. Elana also interned for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy (MLI), (a non partisan, public policy think tank in Canada) where she developed policy proposals concerning Canada’s impact on political reform in the Middle East North African region.

Elana is placed at NGO Monitor for her six month Fellowship. In the course of her Fellowship, she has published an op-ed article in the Jerusalem Post entitled "St. James Church Creates a Barrier to Peace".

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