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A year-long paid fellowship in Israel working towards making the Middle East a better place...

The Israel Research Fellowship (IRF) supports exceptional young leaders from around the world in a year-long Israel-based fellowship, where fellows are placed in a governmental, non-governmental, think-tank or media setting.

Our Goals

  • To identify and financially support outstanding and passionate young leaders interested in a career in Israel advocacy and policy, in both the non-profit and government sectors.
  • To assist new professionals interested in Israel advocacy in developing their skills and expertise.
  • To assist Israel centric organizations and Israeli government agencies in their work.
  • To build a global community of exceptional leaders and influential opinion makers.
The IRF is a pro-Israel, apolitical, non-partisan enterprise that aims to serve in the best interests of the State of Israel.

2012/13 applications are closed. 2013/14 applications should be available online in December 2012. Please visit us for updates.


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